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Come visit us!

We have two locations in the inner north of Naarm/Melbourne


Newlands NH 

Open: Monday - Friday, 8.30-4.30pm


East Coburg NH

Open: Tuesday - Friday, 8.30-4.30pm

We are closed all public holidays unless otherwise advertised.

East Coburg Neighbourhood House

32 Nicholson St, Coburg VIC 3058

(03) 9913 5472


You can reach the East Coburg house by:


Catch the number 1 tram and get off at stop 130: The Avenue & Nicholson Street, followed by a one minute walk to the house


Catch the number 6 tram and get off at stop 129: Moreland Road & Holmes Street, followed by a four minute walk north up Nicholson Street to the house


Catch the Upfield Line to Moreland Station, followed by an 18 minute walk east along Moreland Road and then up Nicholson Street, or catch the number 6 tram or the 510 bus


The closest bus route is the 510, which runs from Essendon Station to Ivanhoe Station via Brunswick & Northcote & Thornbury. Get off at Holmes Street/Moreland Road and walk four minutes north up Nicholson Street to the house

Newlands neighbourhood house​

20 Murray Road, Coburg North VIC 3058

(03) 8528 2332

Screen Shot 2023-05-05 at 2.52.34 pm.png

You can reach the Newlands house by:


Catch the number 11 tram and get off at stop 43: Murray Road & Gilbert Road, followed by an eight minute walk west along Murray Road to the house


Catch the number 1 tram and get off at the final stop 135: Bell Street & Nicholson Street, followed by a thirteen minute walk north up Elizabeth Street to the house


There are no nearby train stations to the Newlands House


Catch the 527, which runs from Gowrie to Northland via Murray Road. Get off at Elizabeth Street/Murray Road and walk one minute to the house


Catch the 526, which runs from Coburg to Reservoir via Elizabeth Street. Get off at Murray Road/Elizabeth Street and walk one minute to the house

Access Anchor

East Coburg Neighbourhood House

  • One level house

  • Main entrance off the main road, down Glengyle Street

  • Street parking only.

  • One disability car park outside the front of the building on Glengyle Street.

  • A nature strip then a double footpath small step down or wheelchaire over naturestrip to path from car onto nature strip

  • Ramp access to the front door.

  • Door handle - left hand turn to open. Door opens inwards and to the left

  • Internal hallways and doorways a narrow fit. Fits most wheelchairs

  • One accessible toilet with baby change table

  • Low pile carpet throughout except for Sunroom (floorboards) and kitchen (tiled)

newlands Neighbourhood House

  • One level community centre

  • Enter via small shopping centre car park

  • One disability car park near the entrance of building

  • Footpath is accessible directly from carpark

  • Turn right from footpath to Centre doors

  • Doors have options to open automatically or be opened manually

  • Door opens outward to the left

  • Access to 2 rooms via slight ramp from foyer

  • Foyer, ramp and one room with low pile carpet

  • Four cubical toilets and one wheelchair accessible toilet with a baby change table

  • Hearing loop device available on request from staff

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