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Love in the Time of Covid 19

no. 13 27 May 2020

What's on at the virtual community house?

In this issue:

1. Featured Program: Tech Help with Elise 2. Community Groups  3. Interview - Meet Elise, Tech Help Teacher!

1. Featured Program: Tech Help with Elise

Tech Help with Elise via Phone appointment 

Wednesdays 1pm - 3pm from May 

(45 minute blocks by appointment) 


No cost.

Are you looking for tech help, do you have questions about Zoom meetings or do you want to know how to use facebook or email? Do you know someone who may need tech support? Well Elise is here to answer your questions and provide tech help on multiple devices!

Please email us advising the type of device you need help with, eg. Computer, Phone, Tablet or Mac and what you would like help with eg. Zoom meetings, internet, social media etc. Once you are registered, you will be allocated a 45 minute phone appointment with Elise.

Outside the time of Covid19 Elise runs Tech Help on Wednesday's at East Coburg. For now we hope you enjoy our tech help via phone.


(If you want to learn more about the teacher, read Elise's interview in this issue ⬇)

Download the term flyer to see loads of online programming and community actions during covid. 🐾🎈🏘️🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧘🧑‍🦽


2. Community Programs 

Sewing & Craft with Multicultural Women's Sewing

East Coburg Community Care Joe's Garden Fruit & Vegetable box

Join the Multicultural Women's Sewing Group for some sewing and craft time. 

Wednesday 12.30pm (40 mins)

Saturday 2.30pm (40 mins) 

Live Zoom session with tutorials and conversation.  

Facebook: Multicultural Women's Sewing Group.  

Connect with East Coburg Community Care, if you need support or would like to volunteer with the group

Are you juggling keeping the kid's entertained?

Are you a frontline worker? (Thank You!) or perhaps you can't leave your home to pick up food?

East Coburg Community Care is a mutual aid group, keen to support one another during the Covid-19 pandemic. Join them to share information, give a shout-out on their facebook group or take them up on one of their meals. 

Facebook: East Coburg Community Care (Mutual Aid)

Order aFruit & Vegetable box from Joe's Garden

Free delivery if you mention the Neighbourhood House

Small Box - $40

Large Box - $60

Contact Em on 0421 911 198

Facebook: Joe's Market Garden

Fruit and Vegetable box order online HERE

ADAVIC -Anxiety Disorders support group will be available via Zoom starting from May.

Please email:


Visit website: Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria

Dear Readers, 

What projects are you working on?

Share your passion, help your community stay connected :)

3. Interview

Meet Elise, Tech Help Teacher!

Photo: Class room learning with Elise

Hi Elise, What are changes the Coronavirus(Covid-19) situation has brought to you?

I live by myself, so not seeing friends for weeks at a time is a huge change. That said, I’m staying in touch with lots of phone calls and video chats.

Any tips on spending time at home?

Having a flexible routine is helpful for me. Aiming to talk to friends every day, do some housework or exercise every day, and watch a movie in the evenings has become my new normal.

Any contents you'd recommend?

I’ve subscribed to Disney Plus, and I’m enjoying light-hearted Disney movies, from Fantasia to Old Yeller to more modern Pixar releases. When the world is upside down, watching The Incredibles is a great break from reality.

Your offline workshops are all cancelled. What can people do on their own?

Technology is all around us and is helpful to stay somewhat connected with people. Continue to practice what we’ve learnt in class, and make that phone call, send that sms, post that photo on Facebook and stay connected with your loved ones.

Who is Elise?

Elise Dettmann is a local Tech Help Teacher. My name is Elise and I’ve enjoyed using computers all my life. I studied computer science in the 90s and have continued to update my skills with the new technology as it comes out. I love facilitating tech programs at the neighbourhood house. The tech help group is a chance for you to ask that burning question about your phone, tablet, laptop or computer to achieve the task at hand. This past year, we have had questions around using smses, placing ads on Gumtree, copying photos from your phone to your computer, and using WhatsApp. Whichever device you’re using, I’m ready to help you find the answer to your question.   Tech Help with Elise Wednesday 45 minute phone appointment Contact: Bookings essential 

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