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Love in the Time of Covid 19

no. 11 14 May 2020

What's on at the virtual community house?

In this issue:

1. Featured Program: Alexander Technique 2. Here's My Project - Sonja's Plant Propagation 3. Interview - Meet Cathy, Alexander Technique Teacher!

1. Program: Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique 45 minute Intro Workshop via Zoom 

Sunday May 17 at 10am 

No cost.

Join Cathy Dowden, your local Alexander Technique teacher to learn how Alexander Technique helps with balance, posture and pain.

Alexander Techniqueis an education in self awareness – mind, body, breath.

How our mind, body and breath interact with each other affects everything in life. That’s why Alexander Technique can help so many different activities and issues

This brief introduction will include a look at brain-drain from lots of online video meetings aka "Zoomitis". Explore different ways you can sit, look at your screen, and take a break for your body and mind.

This will be a participatory workshop, where you can try out new ideas on your home ground, with your chair, in your room.

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Confirmation, zoom meeting link and additional information will be emailed to you.

- If you want to learn more about the teacher, read Cathy's interview in this issue ⬇

Download the term flyer to see loads of online programming and community actions during covid. 🐾🎈🏘️🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧘🧑‍🦽


2. Here's My Project

Streets are quiet, Awesome things are happening... at home!

Sonja's Plant Propagation

Hello Sonja! How are you doing? What is your project? Saying hi and wanting to say how much I enjoy your Newsletter "Love in the the Time of Covid19". We had to return early from our holiday in Ireland owing to the situation. Two weeks of full quarentene provided a lot of time to reflect, think of projects and delve into the corner of my bookcase I always wanted to peruse.  So here is my little inclusion. Project- plant (vine) propergation from a couple of cuttings taken on a walk around Coburg. Fingers crossed. 

Thank you so much for your story and photos, Sonja!

We received this photo on 20th April... Wonder how the plant is doing now.

Fingers crossed :)

So, Dear Readers, 

What projects are you working on?

Share your passion, help your community stay connected :)

3. Interview

Meet Cathy, the Alexander Technique Teacher!

Photo: Cathy's teaching studio

Hi Cathy, What are changes the Coronavirus(Covid-19) situation has brought to you?

  • Lots more staying home has made me appreciate home/garden/neighbourhood more deeply. 

  • Less busyness. 

  • Huge changes to how I teach Alexander Technique as no more hands-on contact or face to face sessions.  I now teach online sessions only. I’m delighted to discover that its different not lesser and, in some ways, more empowering.

Any tips on spending time at home?

When we’re used to having structures and routines imposed on us – by work, school, appointments, training, group activities  - there can be a big hole with all those gone at once.  It’s taken me some adjustment time and has been challenging. What has helped me is:

  • Giving myself a go and being kind.

  • Acknowledging to myself that this is a lot of upheaval and change and it’s ok to have reactions.

  • Adding some routines and structures in my life for myself. Considering these as options not rules. 

  • Getting outside every day - to garden, for walks.

  • Connecting with people by phone or video every day.

  • Limit how much Facebook, obsessing with virus stats or news I expose myself to.

Any contents you'd recommend?

Netflix’s Derry Girls.  Stan’s My Mad Fat Teenage Diary

Your offline workshops are all cancelled. What can people do on their own?

Lie on floor in Active Rest - on back with knees up, feet flat on floor head supported so neck is neither pulled back or squashed forward. In different activities and moods, take notice of where in your body you can sense ease and where tension. Where is there movement as you breathe?

Who is Cathy?

Cathy Dowden is a local Alexander Technique teacher with 30 years as a Social Worker in rehabilitation.  Pain and stress dragged her in a downward spiral. Cathy completed 3 years of full-time teacher training in Alexander Technique.  She now shares with others her self-care strategies to rest mind and body.  Cathy’s teaching has a practical focus on how thinking and emotions are interwoven with movement, tensions and holding patterns, and how changing any one of these has a consequent ripple effect on your whole system. Here are some services she offers: A. Alexander consultation online (One free session) B. Working from Home ergonomic assessment An online ergonomic consultation for your home work or study set-up will investigate ways to tweak your set-up and reduce problems, including Zoomitis. Tailored especially for you at your place, It will include looking at your chair, desk, computer, device/s, how you use these and your self  $60 or concession Book now C. Online workshops and groups now available now I have got my technology sorted.  Call or email Cathy about your interest. 0401 495 836 Learn more at Cathy's Facebook Page

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