Meet Maria, the Community Chef

Updated: Apr 15

Love in the Time of Covid 19

no. 7 15 April 2020

What's on at the virtual community house?

In this issue:

1. Project Board

  • Audiobook

  • What books are we reading?

  • What is your project?

  • Interview with companion animals

2. Story

  • Meet Maria, the community chef, gardener and teddy bear maker!

3. Live Events

  • Climate Grief, guitar lessons, sewing & craft, yoga, live music

1. Project Board

Community Audiobook

Urgent!!! Help!! We need two more people to record themselves reading the script out loud! (The Last Leaf by O'Henry). What we really need is your voice. If you don't want to film yourself, you can film a teddy bear instead. Please contact us ASAP, we will send you an instruction!

What books are we reading?

Many people are rediscovering their bookshelves, after having had enough of online entertainments. How about you? Share with us a photo of a book you are reading!

What is your project?

In the last newsletter, Nerida said that it is important to have a project. We were wondering what projects people are working on nowadays? Gardening? Home improvement? Clay? Jigsaw puzzle? Let us know. Photos of your project-in-progress are most welcome.

Interview with Companion Animals

Companion animals and their family (you) are going through a lot of changes! Share your story and happiness with the community. Interview will be done via email or phone. Please get in touch!

Get involved in community projects, help your community stay connected :)

2. Story

Meet Maria, the community chef, gardener and teddy bear maker!

Hi Maria, tell us about yourself!

I'm 65 and married to Scott 45 years. I have 2 kids both of them are married and I have no grandchildren. Retired jobs were a hair dresser, veterinary nurse, and medical receptionist.

I enjoyed my hairdressing career the most. I did it for 35 years. I also enjoyed vet nursing as I adore animals. Living with pets is very important at this time. They are very calming and loyal and it gets you out with the dog.

You have been cooking every week for everyone that needs a home-made comfort meal.

Yes, I made meals for the elderly and anyone else who wants them. I’ve made 65 meals of a mix of cuisines: curries, pastas, meat and vegetables, tuna bake are just some. I have done it all on my own. Loved it! It made me very happy.

What are changes the Coronavirus(Covid-19) situation has brought to you?

Not being able to get about and seeing my children and friends. Butwe do FaceTime and have a lot of fun. Also lots of phone calls to family and friends. I think I’m one of the lucky ones as I can keep myself busy and I’m a positive happy person.

Any tips on spending time at home?

Keep busy with things about the house and garden – always plenty to do!

I love my garden. We have fruit trees, veggie patch. 8 chooks and many herbs. I use all these things in my kitchen and share with the neighbours. I recently planted up all my pots and barrels with winter flowers for colour to brighten the upcoming winter months.

I also do knitting. I make teddy bears. The teddy bears take about 1 week to make. It is something I can do while watching TV and I give them to children and adults.

Thank you for sharing the photos. Any messages for our readers?

My message would be to follow the health rules so we will all be safe and recover from this very taxing time. Keep busy stay positive and care for each other. I am sure the world will be a better place after this is over.

Sincerely,  Maria.

Maria's Kitchen

If you would like to get Maria's food, or donate ingredients to Maria's kitchen, contact East Coburg Community Care Group!

**Donations needed for Maria's kitchen** Minced meats (chicken, beef) / onions / Potatoes / Pumpkins / Coconut milk / Rice / Eggs

3. Online Live Events

Climate Grief

  • One off event - Sat Apr 18th. $5-$8

At this time with Covid 19 adding to the stress of keeping a focus on climate change - we need to keep a space for expressing our complex feelings about both the present and the future. Keeping the climate change issue alive at this time is a heavy load .....on behalf of us all. This workshop offers a space to express your feelings, reflect on the emotional burden, and focus on self-care so that you are able to continue, and flourish in whatever way you contribute at the moment. 

More info

Women's Guitar Groups with Rachel Wilson, singer-songwriter

Absolute Beginners, Beginners, and Developing Players, age 16 and up.

Join us to learn to play your favourite songs in a small friendly online group via Zoom. Now that the dust is beginning to settle, and we're learning what we need to get by in the time of Covid 19, its time to pick up that guitar (again)! 

While learning online is not the same as coming together face to face, its still possible to progress, feel motivated and have fun with each other! Learn easy chords and strumming techniques that sound great!

**Absolute Beginners will have the option of a free private online lesson to get started and ready to join the group

Sewing & Craft with Multicultural Women's Sewing Group

  • Wed 12:30pm

  • Sat 2:30pm

 Now operating via Facebook and Zoom. There are 40 minute live Zoom sessions twice a week, and tutorials and conversations onFacebook.

Yoga with Rachael Millsom

  • Thu 6.15pm, $5-15

  • Fri 9.30am, $5-15

Each class will go for about an hour and will be run via zoom.  Numbers will be small (max 8) so that we can engage as needed.Book onlineor email Rachael at

Live music withAll the Way Home(Craig and Nicki)

  • Sun 6pm, 15 min live session on Facebbok

Every week we play a warm up song,, a song from our new CDAll The Way Home(you can listen for free on Bandcamp - or support us here), a recent original song, and a singalong to finish.

See past / live sessions here

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