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Love in the Time of Covid19 

April 7th 2020 no. 05

Hello Community!

We are back with the new name, great tips, and interesting community projects that need your inputs! In this issue: 1. Community Projects: Community Audiobook, East Coburg Community Care 2. Interview with Grete, the Yoga Teacher 3. Photos and Letters

1. Community Projects

Community Audiobook - New Voices Needed!

Two texts are shortlisted based on suggestions - thank you so much for the responses. Now we need community members who'd like to read them out loudThe more, the merrier!

  • The Last Leaf by O'Henry: Quite relevant to what we are facing - neighbours caring for each other during an epidemic. Short and heartwarming. Lots of dialogues. We need people of all ages including children.

  • The Insults of Age by Helen Garner: Melbourne-based writer, short, fun, and liberating! We need women over 60 years old to read this piece.

You just need to practice, make a recording at home. The final work will look like people taking turns to read it together. (I will help you with any kind of tech support if you need one) Join the project, please let me know which text you'd like to read. -Ash @NECCHi (

East Coburg Community Care

A suburb based community building project and mutual aid group. We are a small group of locals - living in East Coburg - keen to connect more with our neighbours and support one another during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have a strong interest in supporting our community through this crisis and building our local community. Find out more on Facebook page

2. Interview with Grete, the Yoga Teacher

What are changes the Coronavirus(Covid-19) situation has brought to you?

The Covid-19 has affected every part of my life. I love catching up with friends for a coffee and visiting my Australian family. Staying at home is very different from what I'm used to. Also, it scares me that I don't know when I can go to see my family in Estonia. I really can't wait it to be over.

Any tips on spending time at home?

Turn off your TV and roll out your yoga mat! Create your short practice, by using Youtube or just closing your eyes and listening what movements your body really needs.

Get yourself a Mandala colouring book and enjoy a little break of everything. 

Most importantly, enjoy the time with your partner and kids. Drive to new parks for a walks and challenge yourself with new ways to workout. Start your UNO battles, and try out other board games. It's really fun. 😊 

Also, include kids to do the house works and cooking with you. Try out new recipes! It will be messy and crazy, but this is how we build great memories. 

Any contents you'd recommend?

I love a show on Netflix called Babies. If you're interested of how babies learn and about their development, check it out 😊

Here are some useful yoga channels on Youtube:

Awesome workout for Bubs

Wonderful workout for Mums

If you feel that you are very adventurous and want to try something new, check out video "Acrobaby 2" from YouTube. Just make sure your baby is willing to do a workout with you. :) 

If you have older kids, enrol them from YogaFun Facebook page for Free Live yoga classes. Connie (the instructor) is such a professional to help your toddlers, kids and teens to feel calm, relaxed and confident.

Your program Mums & Bubs Yoga is cancelled. What can people do on their own?

At the sessions we have learned different self-massage techniques. For example, using tennis ball on your back against a wall and golf balls on the feet. Try to do some gentle stretches and twists while sitting on your couch. It's an easy way to create a new habit- to do a bit of yoga every time we watch a movie.  Don't forget your savasana 😊 

A message to your class participants:

Dear Mums and Bubs! I miss you all and can't wait to see how much the babies have grown! While being in quarantine, don’t forget the yoga poses that made you feel good. Use pillows or towels instead of bolsters and books instead of blocks. Be gentle and supportive with your body.  Just know that you are enough and you're doing an amazing job! 

Who is Grete?

My name is Greta and I am from Estonia. I moved to Melbourne almost 5 years ago. I have been working in hospitality for a while, because I love great coffee. However, my biggest passion is teaching Mums and Bubs and Kids yoga.

I love kids yoga sessions, because they challenge my imagination, creativity and they are so fun! It's extra rewarding to hear from the parents how much these sessions have helped the kids with their confidence and focus.

I started teaching mums and bubs sessions last year at Newlands Neighbourhood House, after having my daughter. I love the environment of freshness and joy what new mums bring. It’s just such a safe space where we support and listen to our bodies and each other. I feel so lucky to see the babies grow week by week, and it’s great to see mums feeling calm and relaxed after our practice. 

3. Photos and Letters

Photo1: "Jannik and I are having lemon verben tea since yesterday with some of his stuffed toys."  - Veni

Photo2: "Our sponge boats in progress. An idea from John's interview, Artfulparent link. Just heads up am reading , smiles and am grateful for John's ideas. We will try rejig our boats😃"  - Cara

John's recommendation:

"I just read the latest community newsletter it seems to be taking off, I liked the idea of a walk to hunt for bears cool. Though now it is your time let us see your interview!"

-John Editors' comment: Thank you John, my interview on issue no.50, maybe! ;)

Elise's recommendation: Audible is giving people a chance to listen to kids stories for free whilst the schools are closed. Enjoy listening! There are books old and new on there. I would go for the classics, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in wonderland. So many available.


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