Meet Wai Chun, the Tai Chi Teacher

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Thank you so much for your warm responses. Let's have a look at some letters and photos from the community, and meet this week's celebrity Wai Chun, the Tai Chi teacher. Followed by community suggestions/projects.

1. Letters and Photos from the Community

Hello and thanks, I enjoy reading what others are up to in our Challenging Time!  It's a great idea to keep connected, and I hope to contribute any ideas I have in the near future, best wishes to everyone, - Cheryl

Thank you NECCHi team and John, What a lovely idea, was a wonderful surprise to see our inspiring White Gum Potters teacher and organiser John as the celebrity of the week! Thank you for the emails keeping us all connected till we meet again, as John and Vera Lynn described. Its a great idea, I look forward to next weeks newsletter, and good to hear from you John, I miss pottery too, such a friendly and helpful group of potters in our group. Keep well, take care.

- Marg Slater - a member of the White Gum Potters

Wonderful, thank you. I am enjoying the newsletters. Already used the pasta necklace from the feature teacher today. I just read newsletter and saw idea and then we did it. I saw Veni's son three years old so thought maybe my twins who are two next week could try. I helped thread. They were excited to show daddy 😃  (photos below) - Cara

2. Interview - Meet Wai Chun, the Tai Chi teacher

What are changes the Coronavirus(Covid-19) situation has brought to you?

I do follow some experts say, wash hands often, don’t touch face and nose, and avoid crowded place.  Since all my Tai Chi classes was suspend, I spend more time with my family.

Any tips on spending time at home?

I do cook a bit more slowcooking foods for my family, such as lamb shanks, honey and ginger with chicken…….etc. I watching the YouTube was speaking Cantonese, if you interested I can introduction the program to you.

Any contents you'd recommend?

We spend time to watch some good movies, such as “The Lord of the Rings” the uncut edition.  My favourite character from the Lord of the Rings is Aragon and Arwen. Like Aragon in Return of the King, he’s doing his duties for his people that he promises, his fiancé A rwen for the love will give up her immortal lives. There are also some characters in the Lord of the Rings I like such as Gandalf, Frodo, Sam….  

Your Tai Chi classes are cancelled. What can people do on their own?

“Breathing exercise”. The original is call Qigong. Qi is air or breathing, Gong is exercise. All the participants will know what is it. When you practice this exercise you need breath the air in your lower abdomen and rise up, when breath out the air, flatten the lower abdomen.

A message to your class participants

Here some advice for the participants: eat well, drink well, live well. Spend some time to cook good food for yourself or the family.

Don’t forget to practice the “Breathing exercise” everyday as much as you can.

This is a very uncertain and difficult times, the main thing I think is that everyone as much as possible remains safe and well.

About Wai Chun:

Wai Chun is well known for her patience. If you have been to her class, you will know what I mean. She teaches three Tai Chi classes at Newlands Neighbourhood House. Tai Chi is a very gentle exercise, breathing is deep and slow. It is relaxing for the whole body and mind. Her class is very repetitive, and you can stay in a beginners class as long as you want. Wai Chun says:

I don’t know how to introduce myself, I am a Tai Chi inductor in Coburg, Teaching Yang Style 85 forms and Tai Chi Arthritis more than 10 years. Other of myself is I like doing patchwork and painting, is the current member of U3A and Glenroy Art Group.

3.Community Suggestions/Project

Multicultural Women's Sewing group is now operating via Facebook and Zoom. There are 40 minute live Zoom sessions at 12:30 on Wed and 2:30 on Sat, and tutorials and conversations onFacebook

- Jennifer

Bear Hunt in Moreland: For neighbours with kids w cabin fever. People are putting teddy bears and drawings of rainbows up on their windows. Parents and kids can go on a bear hunt whilst they are getting their daily exercise (and still maintain social distancing).If you want to take part, add a pin to the map :). Newlands area is still a bit thin on the ground

- Antonia

Biggest Morning Tea: Maybe we can do the "Biggest Morning Tea" from home using Zoom or any other way of seeing each other. Jannik and I are having lemon verben tea since yesterday with some of his stuffed toys so I thought that may be that could also work for the biggest morning tea. Just an idea.


Community Audiobook: Can anyone recommend us good short stories for a community audiobook project? We need good stories first, and people of all ages who can read a book out loud. Something inspiring and heartwarming please.

-Ash @NECCHi

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